James Benjamin Franklin, Marcellus Armstrong, Nick Jaskey, and Dmitri Hertz

Jul 20—Aug 30, 2019

In the main gallery is James Benjamin Franklin: Whole In The Dust, a solo exhibition of all new sculptural paintings on playful, indefinably shaped canvases. Marcellus Armstrong: presents a solo exhibition, Smoke Garments, in the side gallery, featuring new sculptures inspired by a scene in Coming to America, the 1988 Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall comedy. Using insulation, resin, bubblewrap, wax, and deco mesh, Armstrong recreates a few of the set pieces in his distinctive ethereal sculptural style.

Outside the gallery, Dmitri Hertz: Snakes, Dice, Sticks, Rocks presents outdoor sculptures in the yard gallery and Nick Jaskey: Inside out presents a series of outdoor sculptural interventions on the fencing outside the building’s exterior.