NADA Miami presenting Nick Doyle and Maya Stovall

Booth 9.09

Dec 05—Dec 08, 2019

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Install of Nick Doyle's "shock and awe", "the pleasure is all mine", and "shutter", 2019 and Maya Stovall's "1827 (1526 NASDAQ:FAANG, no. 5)", 2019. Photography courtesy of Clare Gatto
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Install of Maya Stovall's 1526 NASDAQ:FAANG series, 2019. Photography courtesy of Clare Gatto
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Install of Maya Stovall's "2019 (1526 NASDAQ:FAANG, n. 45), 2019." and Nick Doyle's "shock and awe", "the pleasure is all mine", and "shutter", 2019. Photography courtesy of Clare Gatto

Nick Doyle’s work celebrates and isolates common American objects, often using denim as the prime material. His decision to work with the fabric is partly because its history is compounded by the myth of American made. Denim is, as the old cotton ad says, the "fabric of our lives.” He reminds us, though, that the origins of denim, its raw materials, are part of America’s original sin. Both indigo and cotton were early colonial commodities supporting American industries which were entirely dependent upon slave labor. This blinkered embrace by the hip of a wholly tainted material fits into Doyle’s thoughts on America’s schizophrenic relationship with its own identity. Reyes | Finn first presented Doyle's work for Condo New York 2019, hosted by 56 Henry. NADA Miami marks Doyle's second presentation with the gallery ahead of his solo exhibition at Reyes | Finn in January 2020.

Maya Stovall, a fourth-generation Detroiter who splits her time between Detroit and LA, investigates what she considers monumental questions of existence. Equal parts conceptual artist and anthropologist, she works across moving and still image, objects, and performance, deploying frameworks of time, space, and place to press questions of historical context and contemporary living. The artist held her first solo exhibition with Reyes | Finn earlier this fall, from September 13–October 26, presenting a new wall-mounted installation of neon and fluorescent works titled A _____ that defies gravity. These works are were presented alongside her new neon series, 1526 (NASDAQ: FAANG), drawing upon over 490 years and tens of thousands of pages of African American historical archives. Phase 2 of 1526 will be presented with the gallery at NADA Miami.