Get Together

Opening February 25, 2023

Feb 25—May 06, 2023

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Skeletonwoman ezzat   mariam ezzat 1300 xxx q82
Mariam Ezzat, Skeleton Woman, 2018. Assemblage, 16" x 10" x 5"

Get Together

Opening Saturday, February 25 from 4 - 7 pm. 

February 25th – May 6th, 2023

Reyes | Finn is pleased to present Get Together, a salon-style group exhibition of Detroit-based artists that opens February 25. The show is dedicated to the creative life of Detroit, to its emerging and established artists, and to the significance of the region as a historical center of avant-garde art production. We are so proud to have the opportunity to deepen connections between artists and galleries in the region and champion those unique ideas to a broader public. Let’s celebrate the amazing work and ideas could only be generated here in Detroit.

With over 120 artists confirmed, Get Together will present a dynamic snapshot of Detroit’s contemporary moment. In mounting a bricolage of practices and styles, Get Together hopes to inspire conversations on the arts as an anchor for community and change during a century where anything feels possible.  Resounding thanks to all artists and galleries that have generously contributed to this show.

Over the course of the show, Get Together will be activated through performances, events, live music, audio works, dances, and video screenings with more details to be announced soon.

Confirmed artists are listed below, please note that invitations are ongoing:

Oluwatoyin Akintoroye

Amna Asghar

Ash Arder

Hartmut Austen

Nour Ballout

Biba Bell

William Black

Sarah C. Blanchette

Aaron Blendowski

Tyanna Buie

Taurus Burns

Alex Buzzalini

Emmy Bright

Julia Callis

Cydney Camp

Shawna Campbell

Hamtramck Ceramck

John Corbin

Hygienic Dress League

Jack Craig

Lorena Cruz Santiago

Henry Crissman

Cyrah Dardas

Maya Davis

Rachel Deboard

Simone Desousa

Bryce Detroit

Julie Ann Dombrowski

Chantell Donwell

Hannah Rose Dumes

Bakpak Durden

Danielle Eliska Lyle

Iris Eichenberg

Mariam Ezzat

Amy Fisher Price

Beverly Fishman

Lewis Foster

Ed Fraga

James Benjamin Franklin

Clare Gatto

Anthony Giannini

Susan Goethel Campbell

Ronald Griggs

Lauren Harrington

Carole Harris

Adrian Hatfield

Patrick Hill

Scott Hocking

Cooper Holoweski

Susan Hudson

Margaret Hull

Sydney G. James

Nick Jaskey

Chido Johnson

Louise Jones

Levon Kafafian

Lauren Kalman

Navjeet Kaur

Hiroko Lancour

Addie Langford

Cary Loren

Faina Lerman

K.A. Letts

Jarod Lew

Kylie Lockwood

Jova Lynne              

Heather Macali

John Maggie

Melanie Manos

Marceline Mason

Allie McGhee

Kuperus / Miller

Nancy Mitchnick

Mary-Ann Monforton

Martha Mysko

Tia Nichols

Sara Nishikawa

Mark Newport

Onzie Norman

Eleanor Oakes

Kasper Ray O’brien

Sandra Osip

Alsendoe Owens

Crystal Palmer

Chris Pinter


Michael Polakowski

Suzy Poling

Rachel Pontius

Kayla Powers

Tom Pyrzewski

Mieyoshi Ragernoir

Jonathan Rajewski

Tony Rave

Scott Reeder

Senghor Reid

Jason Revok

Leif Ritchey

Yvette Rock

Renee Rogan

Ellen Rutt

Saffell Gardner

Ben Saginaw

Thomas Saunders

Robert Schefman

Bailey Scieszka

Bob Sestock


Katie Shulman

Nolan Simon

Philip Simpson

Marear Smith

Ray Smith

Willie Wayne Smith

Virginia Torrence

Alberte Tranberg

Jeffrey Tranchell

Wade Tullier

Neha Vedpathak

Paul Verdell

Corine Vermeulen

Promise Vos

Graem Whyte

Kay Young

Elizabeth Youngblood

Alivia Zivich